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Salila Rising: Threads for Freedom is an ethical-fashion social-enterprise working with the amazing NGO STOP in Delhi, India. Ashira Satya started Salila Rising after working with STOP for 8 years and seeing many of the young women struggle to find work after being rescued from human trafficking and other violent situations.

Salila Rising's goal is to provide skill trainings and a meaningful and sustainable livelihood for our sisters from STOP. We also provide work in high-risk “slum” communities throughout Delhi (through our relationship with STOP, helping to stop trafficking before it starts.

STOP Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is a world-wide epidemic and India is one of the most highly trafficked countries in the world. The statistics are alarming but they only tell part of the story. Most of trafficking occurs "underground" and therefore the numbers are only estimates when the truth may be more severe.

Did you know?

There are more people living in slavery in the world today than ever before in history.

There are an estimated 27 million adults and 13 million children around the world who are victims of human trafficking.

Researchers estimate that more than 80% of trafficking victims are female. Over 50% of human trafficking victims are children.

Over 71% of children who have been trafficked show suicidal tendencies.

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