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STOP India

Human trafficking is the largest growing criminal industry in the world today. Approximately 80% of the people trafficked are women and children for commercial sexual exploitation. In India it is estimated that 20 to 65 million people are affected. There are approximately 1.2 million child sex slaves in India today. The average age being 14 years old. Girls are sold, tortured, raped, drugged, and exposed to diseases. Most of them believe that there is no hope..but there is.

STOP India is a Ray of Hope.

STOP is a movement initiated by the non-profit RBC Trust that is dedicated to ending the oppression and trafficking of women and children through a multi-pronged approach. Based in India, STOP aims at changing the systems that oppress and enslave children and women and to empowering survivors to use their lives and voices in a meaningful way.

Visit the STOP website: https://stopglobalmovement.com/

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